CEOI 2012

Central-European Olympiad in Informatics, 7-13 July, Tata

Competition Equipment and Environment

All contest machines will be installed to boot in Linux. The following packages will be installed:

  • Operating system: Ubuntu 11.04;
  • Desktop environment: GNOME classic;
  • National language support;
  • Web browsers: Firefox, Chromium;
  • Compilers: gcc 4.5.2, g++ 4.5.2, fpc 2.4.0;
  • IDE’s: geany, codeblocks, anjuta, lazarus, codelite, MSEIDE, FP
  • Text editors: vim, kate, kwrite, gedit
  • Debuggers: gdb, ddd;
  • Documentation for FreePascal, C, C++, STL.

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