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Fort of Tata

Fort of Tata

Fort of Tata (Source:

The castle was built by the Lackfi family and had its prime under Matthias I, who had it rebuilt in Renaissance style.

In 1526 when the disastrous battle with the Turks happened and Louis II died in the battlefield, Count György Cseszneky was the chatelain of the Castle Tata. In the struggle for the throne of Hungary between Voivode John Zapolya and Archduke Ferdinand of Habs­burg, he supported Fer­dinand’s claim. However, when Zápolya’s commander Gáspár Ráskai laid siege to the Castle of Tata, Cseszneky unwillingly yielded to the su­perior force and handed the castle over.

During the Ottoman occupa­tion, the castle of Tata was an important fortress. It was cap­tured in 1529 and had many different owners in the next decades until it was burned down by the Habs­burgs in retaliation for the Rákóczi’s War for Independence. (from Wikipedia)

The Castle today it is one of the jewels of Tata. The walls of the castle reflect the marks of romantic style which is due to the Esterházy family used to live here. The building at the shore of Old Lake is a beautiful sight still today. (from the home page of the Local Government of Tata)

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